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Bringing the World of Business Together

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Bringing the World of Business Together

The World Corporate Golf Challenge is a world class event, tracing its origin in the year 1993. The event was the brainchild of two professional football players based in England with the main aim being to improve business relationships. Since then, the World Corporate Golf Challenge has grown and expanded exponentially to arguably become the best biggest corporate golf tournaments in the world.

Kenya opened up to the world of golf by playing host to the first ever tournaments in Kenya. With the One Leadership Network becoming the new World Corporate Golf Challenge licensee in Kenya, the event promised to be an exciting one. It’s quite the ideal platform for players to represent their various business corporations in the tournament with the gala events providing an ample chance for the participants to network.

This prestigious international event kicked off stage one this year in Kenya with there being ten more stages to go. The event kicks off with the qualification rounds with the top teams progressing to the next competition round. The licensee determines the number of pre-qualifying and regional rounds leading up to the finals.

Stage one starts with local qualifiers with seven qualifying events and a charity event that targets six different golf courses. The regional final is considered to be stage two with three regional events across the country. Stage three being the national final made up of one event with 36 holes. Stage Four, the world final will be held at Oitavos Dunes golf course and Quinta Da Marinha in Cascals, Portugal from 1st to 5th November 2021. The World Corporate Golf Challenge Final in 2021 will represent a wonderful opportunity for players to represent their companies against other corporations from around the world.

The World Corporate Golf Challenges gives opportunities for all round participation through ticketing, provision of corporate tables, sponsorships and networking. The sponsors of event include the Coca Cola Company, Vaal Real Estate, BF Suma Pharmaceutical, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Steri Tours and Travel, Tribe and MySafe Vaults Kenya.

Worth noting is that the event also presents a unique opportunity for young people to showcase what they have to offer in the corporate world and isn’t just a reserve of a few. It is a level platform for executives to share ideas and interact freely. Budding executives are offered an opportunity to showcase what they have to their ready and potential market and specifically tailor the services and products to client needs and learn from the best while at it.

The World Corporate Golf Challenge no doubt inspires a deeper sense of networking between customers, colleagues and partners who participate in a more laid back and social environment. These interactions courtesy of the World Corporate Golf Challenge Kenya significantly helps bolster businesses by cementing existing internal and external relationships

No doubt that the World Corporate Golf Challenge signifies the great synergy there is between golf and business. It the ideal place to not only play golf but to also meet the business leaders and most importantly to develop business and build relationships. It is in this same spirit that the World Corporate Golf Challenge Kenya will launch a Golf Magazine published by Harriet Group of Companies Limited to further advance the positive ripple effect of World Corporate Golf Challenge.

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